Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birthday List

So today is my birthday, the not-so-big two-three, and I let myself have some fun with a fantasy wish-list.  I'm hoping to add these goodies to my repertoire as I get up there in age and salary.
It's not really a celebration without a bottle of Veuve.

I love that this LV cashmere leopard stole can look formal for cocktails or casual coiled around the neck with jeans.

My friend Diana, in her infinite style wisdom, bought the Goyard St. Louis in white.  I wasn't sure I was into Goyard, and especially not in white, but she made me a quick convert.
I've had a love-affair with the Fendi mini spy bag for years (especially in the light tan color), it's not as prevalent as its full-sized cousin but is still amazingly textural and unique.

When the BF and I were prepping for the big move to NYC, I had my heart set on a steamer trunk as a coffee table.  Unfortunately, that didn't materialize and now my taste has upgraded, specifically to a vintage LV steamer trunk.  Bonus points if it happens to have my monogram.

The most affordable item on my list - I have fantasies of taking amazing, moody, beautiful pictures with this Diana camera and displaying them in tiny frames on my wall.

One of my girlfriends wore the most amazing pair of high-heeled oxfords on a trip to, yes, Oxford, with her boyfriend and looked incredibly chic.  I'll wear this D&G pair with wool tights in the winter and rolled-up-to-the-ankle khakis in the summer.

I'm quite tiny and long-waisted, so finding a classic white blouse (or any blouse) that fits me well has thus-far escaped me.  Skinny fit Polo oxfords are about as close as I've gotten, but they still miss the mark.  I can't wait to get a few amazing bespoke shirts that will last forever.

Sleek black pumps - high heels, not-too-pointy toe, leather.  I die when I imagine these with dark skinny jeans and my future bespoke shirt.

Maybe it's the dominatrix in me, but I love boots and particularly crave a slim-cut, knee-high black leather pair - one that's refined enough to keep it out of the sketchy porn-star realm.

Who doesn't want a few strands of Chanel pearls?
Classic. Classic. Classic.  Love it.

Custom riding boots.  I'm really going through an equestrian-esque phase at the moment.  I would love to wear these with black spandex, my white blouse and a great blazer...and to be totally over the top I'd sport a scarf around my neck.  Ideally, it would read as Annie Hall meets National Velvet.
Not very original, but I'm a supporter of a few investment pieces rather than tons of costume jewelry.  My parents gave me Mikimoto pearl studs for graduation and I haven't taken them off since, I don't think I'd schlep this around every day, but it would be the perfect addition for a night out.

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