Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cabbage Roses

I received the most beautiful and fragrant arrangement of roses the other day.  At first glance, they looked like Peonies, but the deep rose scent indicated otherwise.  I sleuthed for them online and uncovered my new obsession: Cabbage Roses.

I have these fuchsia and orange beauties on my desk.  They are truly the most unique color combination I have ever seen.

Probably a very pricey bouquet, but good god, it's beautiful.  Imagine a lush combination of cabbage roses, peonies and ranunculus.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Apple Picking!

Tomorrow I'm taking a much-needed break from the city and heading off to Stone Ridge Orchard to do some apple picking. 

 I'm imagining the perfect rustic-cute outfit for the day.  In my fantasy land I'd have a fabulous Hermes scarf to wrap around my head a la Jackie O. 

But in the spirit of being outdoorsy and in the spirit of not spending money I don't have, that will have to wait.

The perfect slouchy, casual plaid shirt.  It's just made for layering.
Joe's Jeans sexy western plaid shirt, $98, piperlime.com

Slightly worn-looking straight leg jeans.  No need for anything fussy.
Acne Kex Le Blue skinny jeans, $250, net-a-porter.com

I love, love having a chunky scarf with me at all times.
Two tone lurex scarf, $32, topshop.com

A classic boot in a classic color for tromping through the mud.
Hunter original rain boot, $115, madisonlosangeles.com

Klein bags are amazing.  They're actual tool bags so they're incredibly hard-wearing and really affordable.  Plus, the camo is rather cheeky I think.
Klein powerline cordura camoflage tool bag, $55, mytoolstore.com/klein

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tiny Post Earrings

I have a love for all things tiny--if it's miniature or petite in any way, I probably have a crush on it.  This definitely holds true with this collection of tiny stud earrings.  They're subtle enough that they could easily be worn every day, but are a fun, whimsical departure from my staple pearl earrings (I haven't taken them off since high school graduation...literally).

Rachel Leigh gold bows, $44, Revolve Clothing

Me&Ro 10K tiny gold studs with diamond eyes, $655, Me&Ro

Juicy Couture bow stud earrings, $40, Nordstrom

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry circle stud earrings, $150, Shopbop

Giles & Brother tiny horseshoe studs, $78, Shopbop

Giles & Brother skull stud earrings, $90, Shopbop

Giles & Brother tiny wishbone studs, $78, Shopbop

Bop Bijoux pyramid stud earrings, $60, Shopbop

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hello Again!

Apologies for being MIA for a few weeks, the magazine day job has been keeping me very busy! I haven't just been moping around ignoring my blogging duties...athough this shot makes that seem mighty tempting.  Iin a perfect world there would be a giant plate of baklava and some good wine on the nightstand.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I've written about my fascination with Nymphenburg porcelain before, and these new pieces don't disappoint.   While I usually think of porcelain as being stuffy and totally outdated, these are whimsical and fresh while still feeling classic.

You have to have a look at the amazing hand painting that goes into these pieces.  It's truly mesmerizing.

Big Five Collection

Bottle Corks

Commedia dell'Arte, Couture Edition

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pleat-Front Pants

I used to rail against pleat-front anything - men's pants, ladies pants, skirts - you name it.  I've definitely come around and I'm hunting for the perfect pair (or pairs) of pleat-front pants.  But it can be a tricky proposition, the waistband must fit perfectly (ill-fitting baggy and pleated is a recipe for oddly fat looking thighs),  the fabric must drape nicely and there can't be any crazy embellishment.

These remind me vaguely of great Colonial-era jodhpurs (without the insane thigh bulge).  They pouf just perfectly above the knee in a great, soft gather.
Vince pleated cropped pants, $116, Shopbop.com

The cropped pant tends towards casual, but worn with stellar heels these would look dramatic and definitely dressy.
City Style silky pleated ankle pants, $12, New York and Company

I'm always a sucker for the super high-waisted/wide leg combination.  I'd pair this with a slouchy grey American Apparel v-neck and some layered necklaces. 
Jean Paul Gaultier Wide Leg Pants, $114, zappos.com

This is the quintessential golf short that is probably the root of my fear of pleats.  Typically, I see these on people who actually fill out the pleats as if they were added to accommodate extra body mass so you don't have to size up.  Incorrect.  They are infinitely more flattering if they drape loosely against the body.  I love this casual, slinky pair.  Love them.
BR monogram bloomer short, $100, Banana Republic

Getting into the potentially oddly slouchy/baggy category here, but the stiff wool material and properly fitting waistband make me think these could be really cool in an architectural way.
Alice + Olivia Arthur Pants, $275, Shopbop.com

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charm Necklace

Everyone at the magazine seems to have one of these brilliant little charm-holder pendants.  These simple pieces (please stay away from the gaudy dolphin or grandma themed versions) are a refined way to wear more than one pendant at once.  Plus, I wouldn't mind an excuse to start buying a few gold charms here and there.

The basic pendant holder.
Gold pendant holder, $49, Amazon.com

I think this is the sweetest charm.  It looks like a simple letter, until you slide them apart to reveal the hidden love note.
Spread the Love, $140, Charm Co.

The most adorable way to mark a special day.
Custom Calendar, $375, Charm Co.

I'll add the charm from my favorite new necklace to the collection as well.  It's simple, dainty and will add just a bit of sparkle to the assortment.
Emma Jane & Tan diamond initial necklace, $450, Max and Chloe

You can engrave the inside of this passport with your favorite travel spots or a special message.
Engravable passport, $250, Charm Co.

The oddest charm I came across...a gold rotisserie chicken.  Wow.
from Ebay

The complete effect
charms from Ten Thousand Things