Wednesday, June 17, 2009


On my recent vacation, the hubby and I took a cruise along the Dalmatian Coast - stopping in Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Slovenia.  The cruise was lovely, but the ship left quite a bit to be desired (I believe they told us it was a refurbished 1965 Soviet get the idea).  So we decided one day we'll just have to charter our own private yacht (fingers crossed), and hopefully it will look something like these gems: 

So futuristic and modern-not a stitch of nautical kitsch here.

An amazing soaker.

Love all of the built-ins and the refined wood (none of that dark-stained bad-pub oak stuff).

I usually don't like modern, but if you have a high-tech, sleek yacht, it would be kind of odd to fill it with eclectic fluffy furniture, no?  This clean room manages to fit the bill without feeling too cold.
last three shots from Remi Tessier

The perfect pop of color in an otherwise bland room.

I'll take the Lichtensteins on the wall, please.

Just imagine taking a bath here, overlooking the ocean. Sigh.
last three shots from Bannenerg Rowell Design

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