Friday, July 17, 2009

Colorful, Eclectic, Classic

Those three words sum up what I'd like to surround myself with at home. Every time I see these pictures, they make me happy...and make me want to run home and put a beautiful pastel wash on my stark white rental apartment walls.

The soft hues of this room are grounded by such a vibrant rug.

This robin's egg blue is brilliant. It would be so easy for it to seem childish, but mixed with so many other similarly sprightly colors and handsome finishes (that fireplace, the chandelier!) it is fun but grown-up.

I must have floor to ceiling elly green velvet drapes. Immediately.

I have several fire-redheaded friends and the cardinal rule is to never wear pink, right? Somehow the combination here is delightfully jarring and totally works. And the collage of framed art and zebra doors? I die.

None of the pieces in this room seem to really match, but the odd mix manages to be cohesive. The blue wall (I really must have a thing for this color) stands out above everything else and lets all of the similarly muted yet disparate pieces pale and coalesce in comparison.

Pink and purple and blue and green - sounds like a 5-year-old's dream room. Here, it's looks like a pastel jewel box made for a modern Marie Antoinette. I would probably add a carpet here though, as beautiful as those dark wood floors are.

Those windows! The art! That chandelier! It's quite interesting how the eye seems to dance around the top of the room before it ever notices the furniture. Stunning.

I really am a sucker for built-ins, and the wall of dark wood is just lovely. And really, I think it's the green garden stool that makes this room for me. Without it, it would be a dark couch against a dark wall. Amazing what one pop of color can do.

If these pictures are yours, please let me know!

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