Thursday, July 23, 2009

Charm Necklace

Everyone at the magazine seems to have one of these brilliant little charm-holder pendants.  These simple pieces (please stay away from the gaudy dolphin or grandma themed versions) are a refined way to wear more than one pendant at once.  Plus, I wouldn't mind an excuse to start buying a few gold charms here and there.

The basic pendant holder.
Gold pendant holder, $49,

I think this is the sweetest charm.  It looks like a simple letter, until you slide them apart to reveal the hidden love note.
Spread the Love, $140, Charm Co.

The most adorable way to mark a special day.
Custom Calendar, $375, Charm Co.

I'll add the charm from my favorite new necklace to the collection as well.  It's simple, dainty and will add just a bit of sparkle to the assortment.
Emma Jane & Tan diamond initial necklace, $450, Max and Chloe

You can engrave the inside of this passport with your favorite travel spots or a special message.
Engravable passport, $250, Charm Co.

The oddest charm I came across...a gold rotisserie chicken.  Wow.
from Ebay

The complete effect
charms from Ten Thousand Things

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