Friday, April 10, 2009

April Flowers

Spring is definitely in the air in the city (even though it snowed this week...go figure)--there are buds in the trees, the tulips are blooming in Bryant Park and I'm ready to de-winterize my apartment.  First on the docket is to throw open the windows and second is to bring in some flowers.  I'd love the budget for big, lush arrangements like these stunners from Saipua

But I'm going to shoot for more reasonably priced options like this elegant arrangement of white spider mums, carnations, tulips and garden roses from Top Design and Martha Stewart alum Eddie Ross.  He picked up all of the blooms at his local grocery store!

Simple, monochromatic texture is always elegant.  And of course, a classic silver Revere bowl doesn't hurt.

I'm always amazed at what you can do with bunches of inexpensive flowers from the supermarket.  On my corner today: 

Hydrangeas for $7.99

Tulips for $4.99

Hyacinth for $4.99

Roses for $6.99

It's hard to go wrong with a clean arrangement of roses in a small vase.  Especially in beautiful muted shades.

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