Friday, April 24, 2009

Black Walls

I spent way too much time on Architectural Digest's AD 100 list and re-discovered my love for Mario Buatta when I saw this amazing room.  He's called the "king of chintz," which makes me cringe, but I think it's fabulous.  It's ornate and layered, but then the lacquered black walls add such a moody undertone.  If I weren't a renter, I would totally get on this look.

The texture of the molding and built-ins keeps this black on black from being too dark.

A black ceiling?  Hell yes.  The white floor and mirrors keep it from being oppressive.
I love Kelly Wearstler.  Her hairstyles on Top Design were to die for.  So is this borderline-goth kitchen.

A small back alcove or entry way leading into a warm-hued living room?  Genius.
Miles Redd encore.

I would go with different bedding.  Less natty natural, more fluffy and luxurious (I really just have a big, overstuffed white bed fixation).

I'm particularly in love with the huge painting in the background.  It reminds me of one of my favorite portraits by Whistler.

First of all, this picture is just amazing.  So retro fabulous.  But pluck the couple out of the scene (particularly the dame in that 60's dress) and this room could easily fit a home today.

Even in black, this room feels incredibly cozy.
From an old issue of House and Garden

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