Monday, May 18, 2009

Fabulous Dishware

I broke one of my basic Ikea plates the other day and it got me thinking about graduating to some more unique and adult dinnerware.  While I don't have the budget at the moment, these pieces are definitely on my wish list.

Simple yet preppy, I think these would look brilliant with a "V" emblazoned on them.
Urania 5 piece setting with custom monogram, $310,

This set definitely makes you look twice.  I think it's bit too bold to devote an entire dinner set to this pattern, but mixing in one playful dessert plate is just right.
Jason Miller dessert plates, $90,

The pewter rim on Match dishware is just enough of a hint at elegant sterling silver without seeming fussy.
Convivio by Match, plate $84, saucer $78,

These cups have an air of decayed decadence.  Who would have thought a random splash of gold paint could be so alluring?
Alma Tall and Fancy Fortune Cup, $48.75,

A little bit of this ornate style goes a very long way, but I would love to have these when I serve tea in my Orangery one day, *fingers crossed*.
Blue Butterfly Handle and Violet Handle by Anna Weatherly, $474 and $480,

The tiny ladybug is so exquisitely painted that this is really like a work of art.
Ted Muehling plate, $590,

At first thought, butterflies seem feminine and frilly, but the way they are done here is perfectly understated.
Ted Muehling platter, $1,470,

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