Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vacation Sun Hat

I'm heading on vacation soon, for a (hopefully) sun-filled cruise on the Dalmatian Coast and I'm on the lookout for an amazing wide-brim hat.  I'm becoming more and more paranoid about the sun and can't think of a better way to prevent wrinkles while looking stylish. 

Kim Cattrall from the Sex and the City movie - the hat may be entirely over the top, but she is definitely my style inspiration for the hat quest.
The floppy, oversized look is just glamorous and the gathered brim is a really unique detail.
Hollywood Sun Hat by Kokin, $425, vivre.com

Wire in the brim of this hat lets you scrunch it and move it as you please - down for the sun and a little flip up for conversation.
Hideaway Hat, $28, anthropologie.com

This has a decided 'Out of Africa' aesthetic.
Victor Osborne Villa Oversized Sun Hat, $325, intermixonline.com

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