Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Once I'm past the apartment living phase, I have this fantasy of living in a well-appointed home with a yard and an elegant conservatory.  An indoor pool would be nice, but let's not get crazy here.  I've seen a lot of options that look like odd, modern boxes that were randomly attached to otherwise beautiful houses, but these have real architectural élan (and a price tag to match, I'm sure).

Love, love these vines.  This orangery has a distinct secret garden feel to it.

No need for something large--a small sun room with enough space for a breakfast table or a few overstuffed chairs is plenty. 

The whole effect here is so pastoral and lush.

The triple peaked roof is so unique, almost like glass tenting.

This seems straight out of the Hamptons.  It would only be made better by an ocean view.

I love the idea of sitting out in my conservatory on sunny winter days.

Imagine this with all three sets of doors thrown open on a breezy summer afternoon.

I'll take this orangery as my entire house.  I would kill for floor-to ceiling divided light windows like these.

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