Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skull Extravaganza

I know it's not Halloween, but I have quite the skull obsession and couldn't resist sharing these lovely pieces I've come across lately.  I think they're graphically beautiful and morbid in a refreshingly cheeky way.

Nymphenburg, from the Sacred Figures collection, Nymphenburg.com

Swizzle sticks, D.L. & Co., Memento Mori collection 

D.L. & Co. place card holders
Alexander McQueen skull cocktail rings, $330 and $225

Dior Coffret de Vicitoire rings
D.L. & Co. note cards

Alexander McQueen bubblegum clutch, $1389

Damien Hirst Diamond Skull
Biscuit Plate, Innocence, $350, mossonline.com

Alexander McQueen chiffon scarf, $260

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