Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pink Walls

Maybe it's the rainy weather that's been plaguing New York for the past week, but I'm finding myself craving girly, happy pink walls.  Our apartment is too small to go for it just yet, but when I have more than 500 square feet to decorate, I'm all over this.

Such a soft and dreamy room.  Check out the ceiling--I would kill for that kind of architectural detail.

I feel like this room is straight from The Royal Tenenbaums.  It's amazing how the rich wood and sea of framed art make the pink seem almost masculine, almost.

No, the walls aren't pink, but how amazing are these pink appliances?  I think I'd be afraid to make such a color commitment, but the effect is so wonderful.

A grown up pink bedroom: it has all of the frills, but the hard edges and moody art keep it from feeling like a little girl's room.
from Domino 

The vibrant pink against a deep black is so modern and I love the idea of moving from one color story to the next in each room.

So proper and English.  If the furniture were in a different color, the light pink walls would almost read as a neutral.  And how striking is that black wall of cabinets?
The petal pink walls are such a lovely backdrop to a beautiful suite of eclectic furniture.  I love the marriage of wonderfully muted tans, robin's egg blues, light yellows and rose.
from Domino, August 07

How fabulous are those houndstooth curtains?  Definitely a statement piece.
from Oprah at Home

This is Betsey Johnson's kitchen--cluttered, shabby-chic, eclectic.  So very cool and so very Betsy.

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